Whitehaven Beach Proposal


Whitehaven Beach Proposal

Whitehaven Beach Proposal Photography

If you’re planning to surprise your partner with a romantic proposal in the Whitsundays then pop the question in the ultimate destination location with a Whitehaven Beach Proposal.

Imagine the breathtaking beauty of secluded white-sand beaches lapped by the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea and backdropped by the distant Whitsunday Islands.

If you’re planning your Whitehaven Beach Proposal and if you’re not quite sure where to start…then contact me today.

Over the past 15 years, I have photographed loads of proposals on Whitehaven Beach so I can help you with plenty of the info needed to get you started.

Check out my Package Pricing, Planning Tips, Image Gallery and Booking link below.

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Proposal Photography Package

  • Minimum 50 High-Resolution Images
  • Time: Approximately 30-45 minutes


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Hamilton Island

For all Hamilton Island Enquiries please contact the team at Hamilton Island Weddings

*External photographers (Photographers who are not directly employed by Hamilton Island) cannot undertake any photographic work on Hamilton Island without the express permission of Hamilton Island Management.

Whitehaven Proposal Package

Please note that this price is for the PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY and does not include the cost of my seat on the helicopter.

  • Minimum 50 High-Resolution Images
  • Time: Approximately 2-3 Hours

Weight Restrictions


Helicopters can only fly under strict weight restrictions.

To check to see if our combined weights are under the legal restriction allowances please enter your weight and your partner's weight in the fields below.

You will be weighed before your flight so please add the correct weights.

Unfortunately for flights departing from Airlie Beach, our combined weights exceed the allowable limits.

However, there is a Helicopter company called GSL that flies from Proserpine.

GSL Heli Tour Link


Unfortunately for flights departing from Hamilton Island, our combined weights exceed the allowable limits

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Our Proposal Location is:

Whitehaven Beach Proposal

Whitehaven is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it was voted the Best Beach in the World by Tripadvisor in 2021.

Whitehaven can be easily accessed by a short scenic helicopter flight from either Hamilton Island, Hayman Island or Airlie Beach.

Arrive on the beach in style in your private helicopter after your scenic flight over the azure waters of the Coral Sea, Hill Inlet and the white sand beaches of the Whitsunday Islands.

After your Whitehaven Beach helicopter arrival, you can take a stroll along the white silica sands to find the perfect spot in which to propose.

After you have “popped the question” in this spectacular proposal location it’s time to relax together with a glass of champagne or with a delicious picnic on the beach in the shade of a beach umbrella.

Or take a dip together in the warm shallow waters of this tropical island paradise.

My Proposal Package includes scenic photos of the islands and beaches as we fly over the blue waters of the Whitsundays.

Photos of all of the amazing moments from your spectacular “Beach Proposal”.

Following the excitement of your proposal, we then photograph you and your partner as together you spend some time strolling along the beach and enjoying the natural beauty and crystal clear water of this stunning tropical island.

After the photo shoot, you and your partner are free to relax on the beach, enjoy a picnic or take a swim on one of Australia’s most amazing beaches.

After approximately 1 hour on the beach, it’s time to fly back to your holiday destination to continue your engagement celebrations.


First, you’re going to need to book your Photographer (that’s Me) to make sure that I am available on your chosen date.

Together we will plan how the proposal photoshoot will unfold so that we can keep your partner unaware of my role as your secret photographer.

After we have planned the photo shoot you can make your travel arrangements with one of the local private Helicopter companies and I have listed a couple for you below.

When making your helicopter booking please note that the combined passenger weight for your flight cannot exceed 220 kg.

If together with your photographer and partner your combined weights are over 220 kg then you may have to consider booking a second helicopter.

When making your booking you should ask the Helicopter company if they have a champagne picnic option available as this can take the hassle out of you having to supply and carry your own picnic setup.

Don’t forget when booking your helicopter to mention that you will have a photographer accompanying you.


GSL Aviation

1/384 Shute Harbour Rd, Airlie Beach QLD 4802

Tel:07 4946 4671


Whitehaven Beach Heli Tour

Helireef Whitsundays

HeliReef, Whitsunday Airport Airlie Beach

Tel: 07 4946 9102



Hamilton Island Air

Hamilton Island

Tel: 07 4946 9599



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