About Me...JB

For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in design, construction and about the aesthetics of the combination of these two elements.

Straight out of school I spent several years training in the fashion industry which was the perfect marriage of my guiding interests.

For me, the fashion industry at its core is all about design and construction. Whilst at college we learnt daily the principles and fundamentals of design, like shape, colour and texture and then at night, I would rush home to design and construct garments using these principles.

To be honest I have never worked a single day employed in the fashion industry as I found at heart the "ruthlessness" of this world didn't sit well with my personality...I was only 20 years old at the time.

So I did what every 20 something did in the '80s...I went travelling.

Whilst travelling a found that I had a passion and an eye for photography.

London was also the place where I acquired the managerial skills that would set me on my future professional path.

Photography indulged and balanced the creative and aesthetic side of my personality with my desire to travel and see new horizons.

I spent quite a few years living in London and this is where I started to manage my first small business.

Also whilst in London, I started my journey into website design or what was then known as "Multimedia".

This is where I began learning programs like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator which would become the tools of my trade over the next few decades.

After returning from my travels overseas I found myself living and working on Hamilton Island where I reside and work to this day.

Yes, It's a tough job living in paradise but someone's gotta do it.

Why Hamilton Island you ask?... Well at the time, pretty much my whole family were living and working on Hamilton Island and because it had lived apart from my family for so long it was for me the place I needed to be.

Whilst living on the island my passion for photography was rekindled as I re-started my career as a professional photographer.

Over the years I have photographed everything from newlyweds to real estate, celebrities to newborns and pretty much everything in between.

As of writing this About Me article, I am currently the Manager of Hamilton Island Photography.

I still love to combine my passion for photography and travel and I try to holiday every year in unusual and "Off the Beaten Track" countries where I like nothing better than immersing myself in the local environment, always on the lookout for interesting and unusual images and scenes to capture.

It was also this passion that helped me to achieve my "Masters in Photography" several years ago and I regularly compete and have had quite a few successes in a variety of National Photography competitions.

Not to be one to let the grass grow under my feet I have also during my time on Hamilton Island indulged my passion for Website Design and Development.

Freelancing my Website Design business brings all of my life skills to focus in one place.

It allows me to create and develop strong "One on One" business and personal relationships whilst combining my passions for design and construction, aesthetics and photography.


Well, that's pretty much all about me, without me waffling on too much.

If you would like to please head over to my Facebook or Instagram pages to learn a little more about what I have been up to lately. Thanks again.

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What my Couples are saying...

Kamile and Eugnie
Stunning Wedding Photos!
Hi Justin, We would like to thank you again for our stunning wedding photos!  
Kamile and Eugenijus
Chris and Tameka
Thank you so much!
Hi Justin, Thank you so much! Such beautiful photos! Amazing work and we love them! Thanks again for being our photographer.
Chris and Tameka.
Dylan & Elisabeth
We love your work!
Hi JB! They all look amazing! Thanks for making it an awesome experience for us both yesterday. We couldn’t be happier with how everything went and look forward to sharing these with all the fam and friends. Cheers mate. We love your work!
Dylan and Elisabeth Ravensberg