10 Top Rated Whitsunday Wedding Celebrants


10 Top Rated Whitsunday Wedding Celebrants

Our 10 Top Rated Whitsunday Wedding Celebrants

Planning a wedding in the stunning Whitsunday and looking for a Celebrant that’s perfect for you then check our list of the 10 Top Rated Whitsunday Wedding Celebrants

With its crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches, it’s no wonder that many couples choose this destination for their special day.

One crucial aspect of any Whitsunday wedding is finding the perfect celebrant to officiate the ceremony and create a personalized and meaningful experience for the couple and their guests.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 rated Whitsunday wedding celebrants who have garnered praise for their exceptional services and testimonials from satisfied couples.

From Deanna McKeowen to Colleen Farry, these celebrants offer a diverse range of styles and expertise to cater to different preferences and wedding themes.

Whether you’re envisioning a beachfront ceremony or a romantic garden setting, there’s a celebrant on this list for every couple.

If you’re currently planning your wedding in the Whitsunday region, or simply seeking inspiration for your future nuptials, this article will provide valuable insights into the benefits of using a Whitsunday wedding celebrant, questions to ask potential celebrants and tips for choosing the right celebrant that aligns with your vision.

Our Top-Rated Whitsunday Wedding Celebrants

In the picturesque Whitsundays, known for its clear turquoise waters and enchanting islands, a team of discerning wedding celebrants crafts unforgettable moments for couples on their special day.

With passionate dedication to celebrating love in all its forms, these professionals offer an array of services turning dream weddings into reality.

Here is a close look at our top-rated Whitsunday wedding celebrants, each bringing their distinctive touch to personalized wedding ceremonies.

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Deanna McKeowen

Deanna McKeowen of Whitsunday Wedding Celebrant shines as a beacon of passion and personal touch in the wedding celebrant community.

As a professional Marriage celebrant with over 15 years of experience marrying beautiful couples in Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, she will liaise and work alongside your other wedding vendors to help make your wedding day dreams come true.

Her commitment to detail ensures that every aspect of the ceremony resonates with the couple’s narrative, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness the joyous occasion.

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Deanna McKeowen

Annie Lloyd-Lewis

Situated in the heart of Airlie Beach, Annie Lloyd-Lewis from I Do Whitsunday Weddings specializes in bespoke ceremonies that weave legal precision with the couple’s unique story.

Renowned for her passion and guidance in crafting magical moments, Annie stands as a guidepost for couples embarking on the most significant journey of their lives.

Her hands-on approach aims to mirror every couple’s dreams onto the canvas of the Whitsundays.

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Annie Lloyd-Lewis

Donna Fornasiero

Donna Fornasiero brings a distinctive seafaring twist to the traditional wedding ceremony.

Donna is a vibrant modern celebrant, with high regards to commitment to detail and providing a service that suits the needs of the couple. It is your wedding and you should get what you dream of.

As one of the few female commercial skippers gracing the Whitsundays, she navigates couples through their nuptials with the same care and expertise as she does the idyllic waters of Airlie Beach.

Her dual role as skipper and marriage celebrant makes her service both unique and memorable.

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Kylie McIntosh

Kylie McIntosh’s reputation precedes her as a celebrant who heartily dedicates herself to orchestrating ceremonies that are a reflection of authentic love and individuality.

Her expertise in legal documentation coupled with her insight into stunning wedding locales makes for a perfectly tailored and hassle-free celebration.

Kylie’s warm and personable demeanour ensures a memorable and intimate wedding day.

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Kylie McIntosh

Helen Galea

With 16 years of residence in the Whitsundays, Helen Galea is a treasure trove of local knowledge and heartfelt celebrant services.

Her profound expertise in diverse ceremony types has earned her the accolade of a personal and engaging wedding officiant.

Helen takes pride in her capacity to deliver beauty and warmth, setting the stage for a wedding experience that is nothing less than extraordinary.

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Helen Galea

Peter Upton

Peter Upton embodies the essence of a seasoned celebrant, with an expansive portfolio of magical wedding ceremonies to his credit.

His professional yet affectionate demeanour is a testament to his unwavering commitment to go beyond the expected to craft an idyllic wedding day.

Peter’s knowledge of the legal intricacies of marriage ensures a secure and loving start to marital life.

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Peter Upton

Paul Skinner

Paul Skinner’s transition from a corporate MC to a marriage celebrant has infused his ceremonies with a delightful blend of charm, humor and wit.

His aptitude for engaging audiences, sprinkled with a touch of humour, ensures that weddings are not only momentous but also enjoyable.

Making his home in the Whitsundays, Paul is a purveyor of fun and uniquely personable wedding experiences.

Paul has been involved in weddings for over 22 years and absolutely loves being able to celebrate a couple’s special day with them. 

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Paul Skinner

Romance Meets Rhi

Rhiannon of Romance Meets Rhi stands out for her personalized ceremonies that genuinely represent the essence of each couple’s love story.

Offering comprehensive support from the knowledge of ceremony logistics to the mastery of legal requirements, her services ensure a bespoke and stress-free wedding journey.

Catering to all forms of love, Rhiannon is a versed celebrant capable of creating an inclusive and beautiful wedding experience.

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Romance Meets Rhi

Say I Do Celebrancy

At Say I Do Celebrancy, inclusivity and personalized attention to detail are the cornerstones of their commitment to celebrating love.

Specializing in same-sex ceremonies, this celebrant ensures that all couples receive a caring and magical ceremony, accompanied by the smooth handling of legal formalities.

Their presence in Whitsundays renders them a prime choice for those seeking an enchanting and stress-free wedding planning service.

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Say I Do Celebrancy

Colleen Farry

With more than 37 years of experience, Colleen Farry is an embodiment of dedication and warmth in the field of celebrancy.

Her inclusive support for all forms of love, coupled with her ability to create deeply personal and memorable ceremonies, makes her a standout choice for those pledging their devotion.

Colleen’s extensive experience ensures that each wedding is not only a declaration of love but a touching narrative that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Colleen Farry

Choosing the Right Celebrant for You

Choosing the Right Whitsunday Celebrant for Your Dream Wedding

When planning your Whitsunday wedding, selecting the perfect celebrant is crucial for an unforgettable day.

Look for someone who offers a blend of warmth, personalization, and dedication to bring your unique vision to life.

Celebrants in this magical region guide you through the legalities with ease, ensuring a stress-free journey to “I do.”

These passionate professionals cherish the beauty of love, creating ceremonies that not only reflect your personal love story but also resonate with emotional depth and joy.

Their expertise makes each wedding enchanting, distinctly memorable, and replete with the right emotions.

For worry-free planning, consider a celebrant with skills like Jan Harvey’s, whose teaching and public speaking background promise a loving, spirited atmosphere and an impeccably organized event.

A celebrant’s unlimited support and communication will navigate you seamlessly to your happily ever after.

Remember, the heart of your beach wedding lies in a celebrant who goes the extra mile to spark happy tears on your special day.

Take the time to find someone whose style resonates with both of your hearts, setting the stage for the wedding of your dreams amidst the breathtaking Whitsundays.

Questions to Ask Your Celebrant

When selecting your Whitsunday wedding celebrant, there are key questions you should consider to ensure they align with your expectations and wedding day needs.

Questions to Ask Your Celebrant

  • Availability: Confirm your celebrant’s availability for not just the wedding day, but also for meetings and rehearsals. This ensures smooth coordination and catering to your personal touches.
  • Personalization: Question whether they can tailor the ceremony to reflect your unique beliefs and values, making sure it resonates with you as a couple.
  • Legal Documentation: Clarify what legal documentation is needed and ask if the celebrant will assist with the paperwork—this eases the legal process, ensuring your marriage is valid.
  • Backup Plan: Inquire about a backup plan for unexpected circumstances. This is vital for peace of mind, knowing your celebrant has things under control no matter what happens.
  • Handling Challenges: Understand how your celebrant approaches unforeseen situations. Their ability to manage challenges seamlessly can keep the ceremony flowing smoothly.

Having clear answers to these considerations will help solidify your choice and contribute to creating your magical and memorable Whitsunday wedding ceremony.

The benefits of using a Whitsundays Wedding Celebrant

The Benefits of Using a Whitsundays Wedding Celebrant

Choosing a Whitsunday wedding celebrant ensures you’re in the hands of an expert who can deftly navigate the legal intricacies of marriage.

They provide critical assistance with all necessary documentation, simplifying legalities for a seamless wedding day.

With a focus on customization, these celebrants offer ceremonies that are as unique as your love story.

They excel in personalizing every aspect, ensuring that each ceremony is imbued with the individuality of the couple, leading to genuinely magical moments.

For those seeking alternative celebrations, such as vow renewals or commitment ceremonies, Whitsunday wedding celebrants are adept at crafting these intimate events with equal fervour and dedication, allowing all couples to honour their love in whatever way suits them best.

Celebrants in the Whitsundays are distinguished by their commitment to the couple’s happiness.

Their willingness to go beyond the expected service boundaries guarantees that your wedding ceremony is not just a formality but a heartwarming episode filled with happy tears and laughter.

In summary, these local celebrants are distinguished by:

  • Expertise in Legal Requirements: Streamlining your paperwork for a worry-free day.
  • Personalized Ceremonies: Reflecting your values and personalities.
  • Celebration Diversity: Accommodating various types of ceremonies.
  • Dedication to Satisfaction: Ensuring your ceremony is heartfelt and joyous.

For these reasons and more, a Whitsunday wedding celebrant is intrinsic to creating a day that is both heartfelt and professionally managed, promising an unforgettable marriage ceremony.

In Conclusion

When you entrust the celebration of your union to a Whitsunday Wedding Celebrant, you’re selecting a craftsman of matrimony who can guide you to your dream wedding amidst the breathtaking vistas of Airlie Beach.

The revered services of experts like Deanna McKeowen, Donna Fornasiero, and Annie Lloyd-Lewis, renowned for their dedication, ensure that every ceremony is as enchanting and unique as each couple’s journey together.

Securing the right celebrant is pivotal, as they not only honour the legalities of your union but also weave your distinct narrative into the fabric of your ceremony.

Professionals such as Peter Upton and Kylie McIntosh excel in delivering tailored services that culminate in an array of joyful and indelible moments.

Celebrants including Say I Do Celebrancy and Romance Meets Rhi enrich your wedding with the quintessence of North Queensland’s natural grandeur, making your special day not only legal but legendary.

Your anticipation of a day filled with happy tears and cherished recollections is a whisper away with these esteemed Whitsunday Wedding Celebrants.

Here is a glance at what makes them exceptional:

  • Personalized and Professional Services: Crafting ceremonies that reflect your love story.
  • Extra Mile Commitment: Bestowing beautiful and memorable celebrations.
  • Expert Documentation: Handling legalities with precision.
  • Location Integration: Incorporating the splendor of North Queensland.
  • Emotional Memorability: Ensuring a day of heartfelt tears and joy.

By choosing a top-notch Whitsunday Wedding Celebrant, your nuptials will not only be legally sound but truly unforgettable.

Love Notes...

JB was a fabulous photographer! He was incredibly responsive when I inquired (relatively last minute), was happy to work with my kids (4 & 6), and produced wonderful photos. He captured the essence of our girls' personalities without much prodding, kept a sense of humor when we weren't the best subjects and was all-around delightful.Though he told us the photos would be ready in 3-4 days (that's super fast if you've used other photographers) but we got them the NEXT day. They are high quality and just fabulous. I am so glad we contacted JB. You will be too!

Jb was so Amazing planned exactly how we should do the photoshoot and executed it beyond what i could have expected!! Couldn't recommend him any higher!Thanks so much justin From Olivia and karl

WOW JB, thank you so much for everything. You put an incredible amount of time, effort, thought, compassion and brought our day to life! I cannot thank you enough for making sure we were not only comfortable, but natural, catching all the details of our big day. I literally look at our photos weekly, and just in awe how you captured it. From the initial consultation we knew you were the photographer for us, fantastic communication the whole way through. You can absolutely trust Justin with capturing your wedding day, you will not regret it!!!!!!

I got in touch with JB to organise proposal photos in Airlie Beach. Justin made the process super easy and is a great guy. Communicating and organising the occasion went so smooth even though we were flying in from interstate and I was proposing the same day. The photos came out great and we are over the moon.

Absolutely thrilled with our recent photoshoot! JB was wonderful with my 11-month-old son, creating a calm, fun environment. The pictures are beautiful, of incredible quality and truly capture our bond. Highly recommend!

Justin did an AMAZING job with photographing my whole entire family. The pictures turned out better than I could have ever expected. Thank you so much Justin

WOW! We have used JB twice now to mark our two childrens arrival and I cannot speak more highly of his photos! He is patient and kind with kids (my toddler was running wild) and took amazing photos both times. Cannot recommend him enough!

JB is meticulous in his work and is genuine in his interactions. He captured the most perfect moments of our engagement on Whitehaven beach. He even went above and beyond to produce a high quality short video for us to share and keep to relive that special day. Would definitely recommend JB to anyone looking for a great photographer!

JB is exceptional in every aspect. Everything was done with utmost professionalism and care. I reached out to JB to photograph my surprise proposal at Whitehaven beach, and he made the whole process so smooth and made it so easy for me. He has excellent communication and really made sure that everything was perfect for me. From check in calls prior to confirm our plans and even coming out on his birthday, he goes above and beyond. During the shoot, JB was an absolute professional. Making sure we were comfortable during the shoot, and also having a keen eye for small details to make sure we got the best photos possible. The quality of his work is incredible, the photos and video he took were even better than I could have imagined. He provided it in multiple format sizes and easy to access gallery which made it simple to get everything. He also completed his work fast and we received everything quickly which was great. The experience I had with him, definitely made my special day even sweeter. I can’t recommend him enough!Thank you JB!

Justin did our wedding photos in Airlie Beach and we couldn’t recommend him enough, very professional and friendly at the same time. Thanks again JB! Mr and Mrs Sweedman ☺️

Justin shot our engagement on white heaven beach and he was amazing to work with. Great communication, super friendly and very helpful. Thank you Justin.

Justin was so kind, attentive and passionate about his work. He ensured we got the most beautiful, magical pictures of our special day and we couldn’t be more grateful for his time and patience throughout our day.Justin captured our day perfectly and created so many gorgeous photos! We are so excited to see the rest of them.Thank you again Justin we couldn’t have thought of a better person to capture our day!Mr & Mrs DunneXx

Justin is very professional. From the first contact to the day of our wedding, Justin was always available for us to talk and advise. He was prepared with all the ideas we shared, but also had so many of his own. We received sneak peek on the next day! Colours and tones are soft and pastel-romantic, which we love! We definitely recommend Justin as your photographer to get beautiful memory of your special day! Thank you Justin! 💙

We can’t have asked for a better photographer or person to capture our wedding day. JB was amazing from the get go, easy to work with and his communication made this experience very easy. JB was a very calming presence and knew exactly how to capture our special day.

JB was a fabulous photographer at our vow renewal on Hamilton Island. Totally recommend him - he's funny and down to earth and will make you laugh which makes for great photos! Thanks JB - we loved having you.

Absolutely amazing photographer, from the beginning he made it so easy to get in touch and organise the perfect day to capture the most stunning photos!! His work is breathtaking and not to mention his bubbly nature that just takes the stress out of getting the right shot! Includes giving us snack peaks straight away! We absolutely would recommend JB to anyone in the Whitsundays and can’t thank him enough!!

JB made our family portrait session very relaxed and fun. We received our photos back within days and they are absolutely beautiful!

The whole process from start to finish has been so easy with JB! We had never been to the area before and JB gave us so much great information and ideas for how to make our elopement and honeymoon extra special. He was very professional as well as personable and easygoing. We knew he would do a great job, but when we saw the photographs, we were blown away! His work absolutely rocked our socks off and exceeded our expectations! Such a lovely man and a true artist. Highly recommend 😊

Wedding planning can be a whirlwind of stress and details, but having Justin, with his extensive industry experience, by our side was an absolute game-changer on our big day. Justin stepped up as the captain of our wedding ship, ensuring that every crucial moment flowed seamlessly and on schedule. His proactive approach took a tremendous load off our shoulders, allowing us to fully savor the joy of our day and stay fully engaged with our guests.What sets Justin apart is his keen understanding of our unique vision for capturing our wedding, and his delivery went far beyond our expectations. He generously shared a treasure trove of invaluable tips and techniques that elevated our preparations, ensuring we would capture our most cherished memories flawlessly. Capturing the essence of our wedding day was our top priority, which is why we wholeheartedly chose JB Photography.Justin's artistry and expertise are simply exceptional, and it's evident that he is a true master of his craft. Our wedding album is a testament to his dedication and talent, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Justin transformed our special day into an everlasting work of art.

Justin is an absolute legend, he went over and above to ensure our wedding was as memorable as possible. His work is both beautiful and professional. Highly recommend.

Great photos video, really easy to work with. They bring a joy to your day

We obsolutely loved the wedding video that JB did for us from our wedding, it will allow us to remember and treasure the day in a way that photos by themself would not have. Truly something we will treasure forever! - Aaron and Kayla

He was a photographer for our pre-wedding photo shoot. He was very friendly, funny, and making us relaxed, so it was a special day for us but we could remain natural and relaxed during the photo shoot. We received the sneak peek photos and of course those photos were amazing!!

Justin was super friendly and professional. He was available to suit our needs and very accommodating when we needed him last minute and made us feel at ease on the day. He captured every moment and took photos of some locations that I wanted. He was very lovely to work with, very funny and JB definitely made us feel more relaxed on the day. Would highly recommend!

We got married 8/8/2023 and Justin did an amazing job. He made us feel comfortable and worked the lighting very well we got some sneak peaks shortly after which looked stunning, I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Would highly recommend.

JB is absolutely amazing! He makes you feel so comfortable. He was so considerate of us having our toddler with us! It was like having a family member being a professional photographer. I can not recommend him enough! He is absolutely fantastic at his job. An absolute pleasure! Thankyou JB! You are definitely setting a bench mark for yourself! We will definitely get you to do our family photos on our farm. Thankyou!

What an absolute pleasure to have JB as our wedding day photographer! JB was calm, funny, relaxed and professional. All our guests commented how fantastic JB was throughout the day. Our photos received are truly incredible, every picture, location and backdrop tells a story of our beautiful day. We are beyond happy with JB’s service, skills and for being part of our wonderful day. Thanks again. Mark & Amity

Justin was our photographer for our recent wedding. The whole experience dealing with him from the very beginning was so great. He kept in touch, provided advice and made us feel so relaxed on the day. The photos and little video we have received so far are amazing, he captured all the little moments perfectly. Highly recommend Justin!

JB did an amazing job of capturing our special proposal. The photos are incredible and he sent them through super quick!Justin’s professionalism made me so relaxed for big day!!

Our group contained a mixture of camera hogs and reluctant subjects. JB did a great job of making us all feel comfortable in what turned out to be a fun session for all of us. He was patient in searching for the best shot and the photos turned out great. Would recommend to anybody seeking professional photography in the area.

From the moment Craig and I met Justin, he made us feel at ease. He was friendly and professional and knew how to get the perfect shot for our wedding video. I would highly recommend Justin as your videographer for your special day!

Justin shot a video of our wedding ceremony at Airlie Beach.. Its SOOOOOO beautiful..💗 The editing is so professional, he's mixed it with our favourite songs and the end result has blown our minds because its so fantastic.. Justin replied to every silly question i had, he was always polite and helpful with communications. On the big day,Justin was already there, calmly waiting and ready to go. His instructions for my Bride and I were friendly, easy to follow and felt totally natural.. Thanks again Justin for the brilliant work you do. "If a picture tells a thousand words a great video is worth a thousand pictures." Al Plota 2022

JB!! What can I say. You went above and beyond for us and made the day so easy and special! JB helped with every need or question I had and I couldn’t thank him enough for how smoothly my proposal went! 10/10 would recommend JB for any photography needs! Photos turned out awesome as well as the little vid! Ps JB had the editing done in god speed! Absolute legend!

Justin was wonderful to work with and his finished product was amazing! Definitely recommend.


With the help of Divine Weddings I pulled of a surprise Vow Renewal for my husband of 34yrs. Justin was our photographer. He managed to capture the love we have shared on film. Every subtle nuance that passed between my husband and I he caught. Thank you so very much Justin. We will treasure the memories you have given us. ❤️

My partner and I had our elopement at Hideaway Bay captured by JB.After cancelling due to rain twice he was very understanding and flexible and made us feel at ease with the decision.You really get a sense of the professionalism and knowledge he has when capturing the special moments.We are extremely happy with the outcome of the shots and glad we chose JB for our special day and would recommend him in a heart beat.

What a day we had for our wedding! And what a photographer! JB is amazing! He’s fun, made us laugh and we all felt so very comfortable. We are so grateful we got to have JB as our photographer for our special day.. he made it extra perfect! So professional and his photos are stunning! Thanks so much JB!

JB did an absolutely fabulous job photographing our elopement wedding in Airlie Beach. We are certainly not naturals in front of the camera, but JB made us feel so comfortable and was able to capture some beatific photos that we will cherish forever. Thank you JB!

JB captured our proposal at Whitehaven Beach on the 21/09/2022. He’s extremely professional and knows exactly what he’s doing. He calmed my nerves about my partner being suspicious of him on the helicopter flight over to Whitehaven. And he was right, he just blended in and she had no clue! Quick replies to emails or text messages if I had any concerns or questions. He’s been in the business for 15+ years and it shows! Thank you again and we both love your work, JB ❤️

Words can’t describe how grateful we are for the amazing memories JB captured on our wedding day.The whole process from our first phone meeting to receiving our album was stress free. My husband & I are not the type of people that like our photos being taken however JB’s personality made us feel very comfortable & this shines through the photos.JB was able to efficiently capture a large variety of high quality images and far exceeded our expectations. Overall, it was a pleasure working with him and we're very happy with the outcome!

Justin was an absolute gem on our BIG DAY! We knew we were in very good hands from the moment he accepted to do our photography. Justin's drive, passion and vibrant personality, on the journey leading up to the wedding and especially on the day of the wedding was amazing. This was not just another job for him, but something he was personally invested in with us and wanted to make memorable and spectacular for us AND HE DID. Our photos are beautiful and his talent/ eye for photography is 10/10. Forever a dear friend! Thanks Justin :)

I always like to give honest reviews so that other people are aware of what to expect prior to booking a service so here is mine. Justin was our photographer for our wedding on Hamilton Island. Although the first time we met Justin in person was on the wedding day, we felt like we had already known him for some time because Justin was easy going and personable which made everyone feel comfortable. Leading up to the wedding day, Justin kept regular communication with us through scheduled phone meetings and emails to ensure we were all on the same page up until the wedding day which we really appreciated. On the wedding day, Justin was exceptionally professional, flexible and problem solved quickly when we were running behind schedule. I felt completely confident that Justin knew exactly what to do and that our memories of the day will be captured how we envisioned it. We were so surprised and impressed that we received our sneak peeks the next morning and the photos were beautiful. Many of friends and family commented how great our photographer was on the day.Thank you Justin for the most amazing experience, your talent is exceptional.

Justin is an absolute fantastic photographer. His attention to detail and level of expertise is outstanding. We are extremely grateful for having him capture our wedding day and we can’t thank him enough with how much we love our photos. From the very initial contact we had with Justin, the process was smooth. During the shoot he even fixed up the grooms bow tie and buttonhole, and knew exactly how to shoot the brides accessories down to every little detail. He is patient, understanding and knows where and how to capture the right shots. He manages his team extremely well and worked seamlessly with the videographer, Kian. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else to capture our special day. Thank you Justin and Kian!

We had the best experience with Justin. He was very accommodating and made us feel at ease with the process. We've had a few sneak peaks from our special day and they've already exceeded our expectations. We can't wait to see the rest!

We couldn’t thank JB enough! He made our day more enjoyable and made us feel comfortable the entire time. Our photos are absolutely beautiful, thank you so much JB, Luke and I will forever be grateful. :)

JB was absolutely phenomenal! He is second to none and we loved having our wedding photographed by him. He was so thorough in the lead up to the wedding and honestly amazing on the day. I couldn't recommend him more!

Stephanie Z.
Stephanie Z.

Matt & Stephine

"Captured some of the most beautiful wedding photos. Knew Hamilton island well and was able to take us to all the hot spots for photos "

Georgia Patching
Georgia Patching

They are so amazing!!!!

Thank you so much for the photos, I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

Keri Bryan
Keri Bryan

Sincere thanks for the amazing photos

We just want to take this opportunity in expressing our sincere thanks for the amazing photos you took.  We are very grateful that we received “the best photographer on the island”!!!
So happy and thanks again for making our day so memorable, much appreciated! x

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